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Jacob and Richie dissect the best and worst arguments surrounding the infamous Electoral College. The president-elect has only lost the popular vote five times in 230 years, but two of those have been in the last 20 years. Keep it, abolish it, or reform it? You decide.

Show Notes:

Worst Pro-Electoral College Arguments:

Jacob: The Founders were wise men (appeal to authority)

Richie: The Constitution says so (appeal to tradition)

Worst Anti-Electoral College Arguments:

Jacob: The Founding Fathers were racists and the Electoral College is a racist system of oppression (ad hominem)

Richie: The Electoral College is undemocratic (false premise)

Best Pro-Electoral College Arguments:

Jacob: Provides a check on democracy

Richie: President of the UNITED States, 51 separate elections

Best Anti-Electoral College Arguments:

Jacob: Not representative — small states have too much power

Richie: Not representative — points not awarded by district

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