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Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other tech giants are operating somewhere between the space of a platform and a publisher, censoring some viewpoints and favoring others. Should the government step in to protect speech, or should we let the free market run its course? Here are the best and worst arguments on each side.

Show Notes:

Worst Pro-Regulation Arguments:

Jacob: The First Amendment says I can say what I want (false premise)

Richie: Censorship violates freedom of speech and association (false premise)

Worst Anti-Regulation Arguments:

Jacob: Just don’t say offensive things (begs the question, proves too much)

Richie: They’re only censoring the most extreme (false premise, potential slippery slope in response)

Best Pro-Regulation Arguments:

Jacob: Those who have been censored can sue for defamation

Richie: Big tech has too much power and should be forced to choose whether it is a platform or a publisher

Best Anti-Regulation Arguments:

Jacob: You have no right to a platform

Richie: Private companies can do whatever they want as long as they don’t breach contracts

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