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In the first episode of The Proving Ground, Jacob and Richie dissect the best and worst arguments on each side of the abortion debate. Who do you think is right? We won’t tell you what to think, just how to argue for it better.

Show Notes:

Worst Pro-Choice Arguments:

Jacob: If you were really pro-life, you would support these other policies (false choice)

Richie: My body, my choice (false premise, red herring)

Worst Pro-Life Arguments:

Jacob: The Bible says . . . (appeal to authority)

Richie: The law isn’t there to protect you from the consequences of your actions (false premise)

Best Pro-Choice Arguments:

Jacob: To protect the life of the mother, allow all first-trimester abortions

Richie: You don’t really believe it’s 100% a life

Best Pro-Life Arguments:

Jacob: Human life maintains the same value at all stages and deserves equal protection

Richie: Any line other than conception would allow killing after birth

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