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Democratic Debate | The Proving Ground Ep. 5 Richie delivers a special episode this week, listing the best and worst arguments from nights one and two of the first Democratic presidential debate. Who do you have your eye on so far? Worst Argument on Night #1: Bill de...

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Spreading Democracy | The Proving Ground Ep. 4

Should the United States spread democracy abroad? Is it any of our business? Jacob and Richie dive into the best and worst arguments on either side. Show Notes: Worst Pro-Spreading Arguments Jacob: It worked in Germany and Japan (Availability bias) Richie: Freedom is...

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Abortion | The Proving Ground Ep. 1

In the first episode of The Proving Ground, Jacob and Richie dissect the best and worst arguments on each side of the abortion debate. Who do you think is right? We won't tell you what to think, just how to argue for it better. Show Notes:...

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