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As you are all aware, we are in the midst of a government shutdown, for which I am not complaining; the less government the better.  My glee at the thought of empty government buildings is only matched by my delight that these offices are empty because the Democrats have finally come clean and confessed they care more about illegal immigrants than they do about you or our military.  The Democrats refuse to fund the government without immigration reform that grants executive amnesty and ideally DACA amnesty.  Their transparency is refreshing.

In their endless grandstanding and virtue signaling, both on the floor of the Senate and through their media surrogates, the Left loves to portray DACA recipients as these studious, hopeful, contributing “Dreamers” who are all college graduate business owners anxiously engaged in the workforce and focused on increasing their contribution to society. Unsurprisingly, this isn’t accurate.

So here are some things the Democrats haven’t told you about the “Dreamers”:

  • According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), 1/3 of the adults (and most of them are adults not the wide eyed children they want you to believe they are)  in the DACA/DREAMER group have not graduated from high school
  • Only 15% of DACA recipients have completed two years of college
  • 1.35 million of the adults in this group qualify for benefits under S.1615
  • The Center for Immigration Studies reports that native born Latin Americans (80% of the DACA recipients) have double the poverty level of legal Americans
  • 54.1% of them access one or more welfare programs
  • The CBO has estimated that if amnesty was granted to the DACA recipients it would increase the Federal deficit by $26 billion over the next 10 years despite the taxes they would pay into the system.

The Left downplays the role that DACA recipients play in crime, preferring their fabricated myth of the studious contributor to society.  Using Arizona as a case study, the Crime Prevention Research Center found that “Dreamers”

  • Make up 0.81% of the population of Arizona but represent 8% of the prison population – a number that is 10 times larger than their expected percentage!
  • Comprise 71.2% of the illegal immigrant population in Arizona prisons
  • Are 884% more likely to be convicted of crimes than non-immigrants their age
  • Are 45.4% more likely to have been gang members and 133% more likely to be classified as dangerous; yet they are released at younger ages despite their more serious crimes

For illegal immigrants generally in Arizona they are:

  • 142% more likely to be convicted of crimes that other Arizonans
  • 163% more likely to be convicted of first-degree murder
  • 168%  more likely to be convicted of second-degree murder
  • 189.6% more likely to be convicted of manslaughter
  • More likely to commit sexual offenses against minors, sexual assault, drunk driving, kidnapping, and armed robbery

If Arizona data is held as typical for other states, researcher John Lott predicts that “in 2016, [Arizona] would have been responsible for over 1,000 more murders; 5,200 rapes; 8,900 robberies; 25,300 aggravated assaults; and 26,900 burglaries.” The Department of Justice recently released data showing that non-citizens account for 2.5 times more convictions than their share in population. Each one of these crimes was 100% preventable.

It is safe to say that all of the “Dreamers” and illegal immigrants are not the peaceful, studious, law abiding residents just trying to better themselves and our society like the Left would have you believe.  Does this mean all “Dreamers” and illegal immigrants are violent criminals?  No, of course not.  But these facts should illustrate to all of us that notions of a clean DACA bill will not only harm our economy and expand the already immoral welfare programs that steal from the American people, but constitute a real risk to the safety of our society and our national security. 

As we struggle to defend our Constitutionally protected freedoms and the rule of law, let us hold the Left and the media accountable to the facts about the “Dreamers” and illegal immigration and push for sane immigration policies that rightfully put the safety and benefit of Americans first.

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