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I want President Trump’s term as president of the United States to be wildly successful.  President Trump won a hotly contested election against all odds and defeated media and narrative darling Hillary Clinton, whose presidency would have been catastrophic to the survival of our country and the rights of individuals throughout the nation.  Trump’s campaign wasn’t perfect, he is clearly a deeply flawed individual and had some straight up bad ideas, but some of his promises were things that conservatives would love to see happen!  He promised that he would build a wall and regain control of immigration, he would end the illegal DACA executive orders, lower corporate taxes to make America more friendly for business, appoint an originalist Supreme Court justice, defund Planned Parenthood, move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, rebuild the military, and repeal Obamacare.

So what has happened since Trump’s inauguration?  Well, the DACA program is still ongoing, Planned Parenthood remains funded while the wall is neither built nor funded, the Western Wailing Wall may not be a part of Israel, a religious liberty executive order was signed that was so fierce that the ACLU said “Today’s executive order signing was an elaborate photo-op with no discernible policy outcome”, Obamacare has not been repealed but expanded, been plagued by leaks, and his administration is now embroiled in a scandal (manufactured by the media or not).  Sure the military got a boost in the new budget, but military spending has largely become a bipartisan issue, Trump tried to limit immigration through travel bans but they were overruled by illegal Federal court decisions, some economic regulations have been eliminated, and Neil Gorsuch has been appointed to the Supreme Court (but we really don’t know how much of an originalist he’ll be). but with all things considered, the ACLU’s description of his executive order matches the results of his presidency thus far: No discernible policy outcome.  

To make things worse, the media storm that has been building since his inauguration is reaching a fever pitch due to a lack of vetting members of his administration, undercutting the official story presented by his surrogates, and character flaws resulting in the word “impeachment” being thrown around by more than just the likes of Maxine Waters, but by even some Republicans.

Is it over for Trump?

No, he can still pull this together and be a great president, but it’s going to take some self-control, good statesmanship, and conservative governance.  Here are 10 things President Trump can do to turn this around:

    This is self-explanatory.  The tweeting has been childish and reactionary, has given fuel to the media to use against him, and has undercut his and his surrogates’ credibility.  Put down the cell phone Mr. President and start leading.


  3. Clean House
    President Trump as the head of the Executive branch has immense control over the bureaucracy under the Executive branch.  Much of the current bureaucratic heads and employees are Obama appointees and loyalists.  Do you want to know why there are so many leaks?  Because there hasn’t been a cleaning of house of all these Obama loyalists that Trump is never going to win over.  The majority of the Federal courts that keep overruling his constitutional executive orders are made up of Obama appointees.  The President has the power to fire these people and can do it right now.  This isn’t extreme or unprecedented as every president upon inauguration has done this (It’s only a “purge” or “bloodbath” when Republicans do it), and it would be a great step to take now.  It will stop the leaks and get President Trump the help he needs to help move his agenda forward.

  4. Appoint a new FBI director who will be accepted as non-political and sharp.
    Through his actions regarding the Russian election scandal and the Hillary email scandal before it, Comey became a political figure whose actions had not only legal, but political effects.  The FBI and CIA under the Obama Administration became political tools with political agendas and not entities dedicated to promoting American interests or defending the law.  This has to change.  President Trump can do much to restore confidence in the FBI and its director by replacing Comey with someone who is seen as non-political, dependable, dedicated to the rule of law, and intelligent.  This will make the result of the FBI’s investigations more credible, eliminate the story of administration manipulating the investigation, and restore confidence in the FBI.

  5. Stop undercutting the official story being pushed by your National Security Advisor and other surrogates
    This is a follow up to items 1 and 2.  When word of President Trump’s firing of Director Comey began to spread, the official story given by administration members and surrogates was that this firing was done upon recommendations of the Deputy Attorney General.  Over the next few days, President Trump undercut and contradicted the National Security Advisor and surrogates’ explanation of the firing, saying he was going to fire Director Comey anyway.  Not only did this fuel the story of this being tied to a coverup, but it destroyed not only the credibility of the National Security Advisor and his surrogates but his own credibility.  If President Trump cannot control himself and stick to the story and not be reactionary, scandals and ‘fake news’ will not go away and his ability to handle them will diminish and eventually disappear as he’ll have no credibility.

  6. Use the constitutional powers afforded to the president to begin fulfilling campaign promises, such as ending DACA.
    Under the Constitution and the inspired separation of powers, President Trump has specific powers and abilities that he can lawfully do.  One of the chief functions of the president is to spearhead the enforcement of laws passed by the legislative branch, and can issue orders and decrees to aid or carry out the enforcement of statute. (For further reading on the proper use of executive orders and presidential powers, please refer to the article below from Heritage Foundation)  This gives President Trump the power to enforce current laws such as our immigration laws.  President Obama’s executive orders such as DACA, undermined and went against statute, making them illegal and unconstitutional.  President Trump legally can eliminate DACA and any other illegal executive orders made by President Obama, and use that power to enforce laws that are not being enforced, such as instructing the Justice Department to crack down on sanctuary cities.  These actions will allow President Trump to lawfully keep campaign promises and begin making progress towards more conservative rule of law leadership.

  7. Use the bully pulpit to push for conservative policies such as a free market for healthcare, defunding Planned Parenthood, continue to eliminate regulations, and funding the wall.
    While President Trump can do some good via executive orders, when it comes to replacing Obamacare with a free market healthcare system, defunding Planned Parenthood, and funding the border wall, President Trump cannot do anything unilaterally.  President Trump must use his position as President of the United States and the leader of the Republican Party to insist and push for Congress to act on these ideas.  Congress can repeal Obamacare and all of its illegal subsidies, regulations, mandates, and barriers to competition with a bill and President Trump can pass it into law.  Congress controls the budget and can pass a budget bill that defunds Planned Parenthood and budgets money for the border wall.  Congress has the power but President Trump has the biggest microphone in the country and he can call for it, demand it, and expose the members of Congress who are not willing to keep the promises they made to the American people when they were elected.  Pull their pants down!  Show them for the squishes they are.  Shame them so they have to act.  Trump is good at stuff like that and it’s his skill with it that essentially turned Jeb Bush from de facto presidential nominee to “Please clap” Jeb.  Put those talents to use to get Congress to govern conservatively and keep their promises.

  8. Fight against judicial overreach by ignoring illegal Federal court rulings and lead the charge in Congress to push the judiciary back into their constitutional role.
    Judicial overreach by Federal courts and the Supreme Court itself is one of the most dangerous threats to the existence of our Republic.  This issue truly deserves an article of its own and there is an excellent book out by Daniel Horowitz called Stolen Sovereignty that does a fantastic job explaining this issue and how to fight back.  One of the ways President Trump can fight back is by one ignoring these rulings.  Yes, the Left and the Media are going to scream but they’re going to do it anyway.  If President Trump can articulate the constitutionality of his orders and his ignoring of them, and then push Congress to act by pushing back against the courts, we may see a return of the Judicial branch to its constitutional role and powers.

  9. Instruct the Justice Department to push back against infringements of religious liberty and back people such as Barronelle Stutzman and the Kleins.
    Under the Obama administration, the Justice Department became the legal arm of Obama’s social justice agenda and helped further the cause of the Rainbow Jihad.  The courts have also overstepped their bounds to further the Rainbow Jihad’s agenda in attacking the religious liberty of American citizens, violating their inalienable rights that government was instituted to defend.  There are ongoing cases, such as the cases against Barronelle Stutzman and the Kleins, that President Trump can halt or bring the Justice Department to bear to protect these citizens religious and property rights.  He can also instruct the Justice Department to investigate and litigate against statutes that violate religious, property, and associative rights of citizens.  The Justice Department can return to being a tool in protecting the natural inalienable rights of citizens, and not a weapon against them.

  10. Be fully transparent and supportive of the independent investigation
    This will be hard for the President, but President Trump is going to need to put his support behind this investigation and encourage transparency.  The American people thanks to Leftist and Media hysteria are nervous and confused about these issues and need a calming influence that they can trust.  They need to feel like they can trust the president, and President Trump doing his best to be cooperative, transparent, and supportive of finding the truth will help ease their concern and build trust.

What can we do as those who love the truth and believe in conservative values?

  1. Reject blind loyalty, it enables bad behavior never good behavior
  2. Publically call for conservative policies and the keeping of promises
  3. Praise President Trump when he keeps promises and acts on conservative values
  4. Defend President Trump when his actions deserve defense
  5. Demand better from President Trump when his policies and actions fall short of conservative values
  6. Contact our Congressmen and Senators via email, letters and townhall events.
  7. Be voices for truth
  8. Use social media and contact local media

My fellow conservatives, I want President Trump to be successful and govern conservatively and to be able to look at his presidency as a success.  We should all want that.  He’s not a conservative and doesn’t believe our ideology but he does rely on our support and we can influence him towards conservatism, not because he believes in it but because he likes doing what makes his supporters happy.  #NeverTrump should have ended election night when he became president.  For him to succeed, he’s going to need to do these things and we’re going to need to encourage him and hold him accountable.  Trump isn’t ideological, but driven by ego and perception, and if we as conservatives don’t raise some noise when he makes mistakes, he won’t change and if he does it’ll be to the Left since they’re always loud.  Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the oil.  So let’s stand up, praise and defend when deserving, and hold Trump to conservative values and help him succeed


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  2. Heritage Foundation, “The Use and Abuse of Executive Orders and Other Presidential Directives”
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