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Politics is a nasty business at times, and rarely do you find someone that checks all the boxes for what we as conservatives want in a candidate.  We are all sinners, and fall short of the glory of God, but does that give us the right as conservatives to settle?  The answer you’re looking for is ABSOLUTELY NOT.  

One of the arguments that has been parroted to me by Trump Cultist and reluctant Trump voter alike has been “Well he’s better than Hillary.”  Or speaking of a terrible piece of legislation or policy decision I’ve heard  “Well at least it’s something.”  Or speaking of the terrible debacle that is going on with Russia, “Well the media is worse!”  This is unconservative at best and moronic at worst.  The letter “R” next to the name of a candidate, politician, or piece of legislation does not magically convey virtue, conservatism, or sound principle to it.   “Better than the Democrats” is not a standard by which to base the virtue or quality of candidates, legislation, or our movement.  

Has “better than the Democrats” made the market more free?  Protected religious liberty? Protected our sovereignty? Defended the right to life?

Moving to the Left slowly or not as drastically as the Democrats want to move to the Left is still moving to the Left.  We cannot possibly hope to restore our Constitutional Republic and the founding principles if we are content to settle for at best left-of center candidates and policies because it’s “better” than what the Democrats have to offer.  Our principles and country demand better of us as Conservatives.  We cannot continue to sell our birthright for pottage and expect the blessings of liberty to continue.

This is a war, my fellow Conservatives, not a discussion.  The Left knows this and that is why they focus on policy and culture, while Republicans focus on elections and getting in office.  The Left plays to win, and as you can see through their own internal strife, isn’t tolerating “better than a Republican” from their leaders.  Is a Republican pushing for the liberal agenda any better than if a Democrat is? We can’t continue to defend the indefensible and excuse away liberal policies and a lack of conservatism and hope to still win this war.  We can’t continue to excuse bad governance and blame everyone except the politician and his or her flaws.  If we hope to win this war, we have to demand better of our leaders, policies, and from ourselves.  Whether this means that a new party needs to established, I cannot say, but more of the same RINOs and Republicrats is not going to restore America or conservative values.  What should our standard be?  It needs to be faithfulness and adherence to the values that guided the founding of America: individual rights, free markets, limited government, and virtue.  These are the standards we need to hold ourselves to and expect from our leaders and the policies we support.

Conservatives, it’s time to stand up, demand better, and stop making excuses.  The ball is in our court. The only question is if we’re going to do our part and help restore America by standing for these values.

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