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The New Guards’ Post-Trump Roundtable

Now that the Trump presidency is over, here's a look back with a few of the New Guards: How do you feel now that the Trump presidency is over? Jacob Hibbard: Exhausted. These last four years have felt like almost constant drama. Having to alternate between...

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Healing through Bipartisan Electoral College Reform

Originally posted on The Federalist Society Blog The Electoral College, as outlined in Article II of the Constitution and the Twelfth Amendment, was designed by the Founders to prevent “tumult and disorder” in presidential elections, as well as “cabal, intrigue, and...

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The Reindeer Rule: Lynch and Allegheny Explained

(Originally posted on The Federalist Society Blog) Rudolph, on this holiday, won't you save the town display? In Lynch v. Donnelly (1984), the Supreme Court upheld a city’s Nativity scene, or “creche,” against an Establishment Clause challenge. Five years...

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Do Term Limits Make a Difference?

Originally posted on The Federalist Society Blog According to Gallup in 2013 and Rasmussen in 2016, about 75% of voters support congressional term limits. But would they make a difference? Let’s look at how they have affected the presidency to get an idea of how they...

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What Vegans Teach Us about Abortion

Today, my goal is not to convince you to agree with me but to foster understanding. Too often, good people acting in good faith are vilified because they hold some view we find incorrect, illogical, or even immoral. The radical Left has increasingly shrunk the Overton...

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