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The “Erie” Way Judges Became Lawmakers

Take a good look. This is comprehensive: As I’ve covered before, the Constitution does not grant the judiciary any lawmaking authority, and that includes the ability to overturn a law or declare one void -- no matter how unconstitutional. In Federalist 78, Alexander...

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Abortion | The Proving Ground Ep. 1

In the first episode of The Proving Ground, Jacob and Richie dissect the best and worst arguments on each side of the abortion debate. Who do you think is right? We won't tell you what to think, just how to argue for it better. Show Notes:...

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The Progressive Roadmap to Total Control

For progressives, progress means only one direction: further Left. And further Left means more and more government, granting them more and more power and control to implement their Utopian vision. Because you can't simply force your Brave New World onto a free people,...

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