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The Problem with Pragmatism

I am an ideologue. More specifically, I'm a conservative. I adhere to an ideology that treasures individual freedom and voluntary social morality. While some might use the term “ideologue” to degrade a belief system as dogmatic or self-righteous, I'm proud of the...

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Not a Democratic Republic

It goes without saying that the United States of America is not a direct democracy but a republic. More than that, as I showed with a new quote every day for literally months on Twitter, the Founders despised democracy. They called it, among other things, the “most...

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The Lawsuit of Politics

No matter the claim, parties, jurisdiction, or legal issue, every legal proceeding in civil or criminal law has three basic components at its core: the law, the facts, and the application of the law to the facts. Everything revolves around these three pillars. One...

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