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The founders believed the right to bear arms was so important that they enshrined it in the Bill of Rights. Now, in a time where violence and atrocious acts plague our country, the answer from Democrats is to limit our right to self-defense by attacking the second amendment based on unsubstantiated claims and hypocrisy.

In Texas, a shooter obtained a gun because of a government screw up, then Democrats lecture us that GOVERNMENT, not PRAYER, will save us.

When an NRA instructor saves the lives of potentially hundreds of citizens, Democrats label the NRA a terrorist organization and blame it for the shooting.

Democrats scream about our President being an unhinged tyrant, but then laugh at Republicans when we claim that our right to bear arms is necessary to protect ourselves from such a tyrannical government in the future.

They warn us about rape culture and start the #MeToo movement, but then want to take away the ability of the most vulnerable to defend themselves against such gross acts.

Democrats stand on their soapboxes and demand equality for the poor and minorities, but then impose heavy taxes and fees on guns and ammunition, making the poor less able to defend themselves in comparison to the rich, in areas where the crime rates are highest.

America is flooded with guns and Democrats refuse to believe the fact that bad people will always find a way to obtain guns or other weapons, even if their rights-infringing legislation is passed.

To this, Democrats angrily ask, “Should we just sit around and do nothing?” No, if Democrats want to discuss realistic policy — fighting terrorism on our homeland, ensuring that dangerous people are kept off the streets, and that THESE people are unable to obtain guns — then conservatives are on board. We welcome any and all evidence-based policy proposals that would actually stop killings from taking place while not infringing on the rights of citizens without due process.

But if you want to grossly use the emotions and broken hearts of the public to push your political agenda after each horrifying incident, the evidence does not support your cause.